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    CAMPAIGNS / The Mirror / #NoVoteNoVoice

    VoteBooster powers The Mirror to get one million people registered to vote. After months of hard work we are incredibly proud to announce the VoteBooster platform...

    TOOLS / VoteBooster / Voter Registration

    A revolutionary, next generation, voter registration and voter turnout platform, set to change the face of British politics, has been launched by MASS1...

    CAMPAIGNS / Launching #BloodBricks

    BloodBricks is a campaign in India and the UK aiming to highlight the issues facing workers’ in the brick kiln industry and they had three major news...

    Digital Innovations & Campaigning Event 2014

    We’re delighted to offer the best examples of cutting-edge entrepreneurialism in the political and third sector a platform to share their experience from.


    CAMPAIGNS / TPO and The Big Issue

    The People's Operator and The Big Issue are looking to launch free calls for homeless people...

    APP / Digital Design / Build / Launch

    PCS are one of the UKs largest membership organisations. One of the key ways in which they keep in contact with their members...


    CAMPAIGNS / Relaunching British Influence

    British Influence is the umbrella campaign to keep Britain in Europe and to push for British reform of the EU...

    CAMPAIGNS / Payday Loans

    Working with Unite to expose how many people rely on payday loans...

    Values Talk

    THOUGHTS / Social Media Campaigning

    Account Manager Tom gives a rough overview of the different Facebook adverts you should be using as a political candidate on his way to lunch.

    THOUGHTS / Seven Ways To Survive As An Apprentice

    I’m not here to make the tea. The reason I chose to accept my apprenticeship here at MASS1...

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    “MASS1 has taken us into a new dimension”
    wwf WWF International
    “MASS1 have helped us greatly to deliver our people focussed campaign for Togo... We are very excited about the future!”
    olympio Alberto Olympio - Leader of Parti des Togolais
    “Enthusiastic, creative & energetic”
    chan4 Channel 4 Television
    “Trail Blazers”
    harris John Harris - The Guardian
    “We’re deploying MASS1’s brilliant VoteBooster tool to sign people up quickly and simply and in the most user-friendly way possible.”
    ros-wynne-jones Ros Wynne-Jones - The Mirror Newspaper
    “The National Union of Teachers very much welcomes VoteBooster and the 'No Vote, No Voice' campaign and any efforts that get more of our young people voting"
    chris-brown Chris Brown - National Union of Teachers

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